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#YesAllWomen is trending on Twitter right now.

This is very important. 

Right now, men just need to shut up, read these and learn. We HAVE to do better.

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I. History repeats itself.

History repeats itself and we try to come up with new reasons why
Our kids shouldn’t have died,
Or why these video games are so bad,
Or why gun control isn’t doing enough,
Or why
We are not doing enough.
Why? Why? Why?

II. You’re at a deli getting lunch – bang.
There is a man. There is a van – bang.
You never thought it could happen – bang.
Until one day it does– bang.
Until one day it’s your kid – bang.
Until one day it’s your best friend – bang.
Until one day it’s you – bang.
It’s not July 4th – bang.
These are bullets.


III. The facts will never be right.
The facts will say seven dead,
Four men, two women, the shooter himself.
(The numbers will also never be right.)
The facts will say a mental illness, a lack of gun control,
A lonely boy who was looking for love and affection.

The facts will never talk about the cost of living,
The cost of death.
The facts will never get to the root that guns don’t kill people,
Trigger fingers do.
The facts will never admit that it’s not just a fucked up head
But a fucked up way of living.
They will never say that loneliness alone isn’t enough to have a boy pick up a gun,
But that it’s a culture of dominance, of submission, of entitlement;
The facts will never say that’s the problem.

IV. Sandy Hook
Fort Hood
Navy Yard
Virginia Tech
Tell me that it’s going to end,
And then
Tell me that you’re a liar.

V. I’m listening to kids trying to pin this all down on one aspect of life:
That mental illness is the sole reason,
That if guns were regulated he wouldn’t have had the opportunity,
That if the problem of misogyny were fixed he wouldn’t have felt justified in killing people because of rejection.

But listen to this:
One out of four adults can fit the criteria for having a mental disorder;
You don’t fear every person on the street.
For every ten people in the US, there are nine guns that exist;
There are not mass murders everyday.
Not every man that gets rejected turns into a shooter;
Don’t blame the gender blame the culture.

You cannot pigeonhole someone into a singularity.
You cannot generalize (nor marginalize) groups of people.
You cannot say that it was one of these things,
But all of these things.

VI. I am not a sympathizer with evil.

I am going to get slammed all around for this poem.
People will say I do not respect the dead,
That they don’t deserve that.
People will say Elliot Rodger deserved that last bullet in his head,

But he didn’t.
No one does.

Everyone deserves a chance to fight for control of their mind.
Everyone deserves an intervention.
Everyone deserves a lesson.

I am not justifying his actions.
I am also not justifying hatred.

VII. History repeats itself.

Learn from it.

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Glass Walled Spa, Cambodia
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Glass Walled Spa, Cambodia

photo via hadley

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"Spoil her with consistency."
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